Illustrators index

Classic Artists

George Petty

The Artist of the Phone Girls

Alberto Vargas

The King of the Pin-up Art

Rolf Armstrong

The Master of Colour

Gil Elvgren

The Artist of the Girl-Next-Door Style

Zoë Mozert

Posing for Hersef

Joyce Ballantyne

The Beautiful Pin-up Illustrator

Earl Moran

The Prolific Artist

Enoch Bolles

The Artist of Pulp Front Covers

Al Buell

The Self-Taught Artist

Earl MacPherson

The Artist of the Sketch Pad

Contemporary Artists

Hajime Sorayama

A Particular Futurist Visison

Olivia de Berardinis

A Regular Bettie Page's Fan

Luis Royo

Science Fiction, Double Feature

Carlos Cartagena

The American Dream

Jennifer Janesko

Erotic Dreams Come True

Jessica Dougherty

Beautiful Girls Exist

Andrew Bawidamann

Vintage Pin-up Girls