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The word pin-up, to hang something on the wall in English, refers to the original American mainstream of incredibly beautiful girls illustrations which were revealing a big sensuality from her gestures and poses. Later to the above mentioned illustrations were added authentic real beauties photographies that stood out as sexual icons of forced reference especially in the 40's and 50's decades.
Some of these women who posed as models managed to stand out as actresses or "burlesque" artists, a theatrical entertainment consisted of comic skits, short turns and sometimes striptease. Normally these photos turned out to be published in calendars and in so called "girlie magazines", publications of wide distribution among masculine public. In those days these girls, so much the real ones as the arisen ones from the imagination of some illustrators, were also known by the pseudonym of "cheesecakes" or "girls-next-door". To eat up them!
Normally the type of fashionable girl was not a very thin woman of seductive curves. Balance was the main beauty canon of the age, because extremes have never been good. Their stunning and spectacular appearances and a provocative "femme fatale" attitude were the main weapons of these women who took place of an important event of cultural relevance.


Mae West

A Glamorous Celebrity

Josephine Baker

The Black Venus

Betty Grable

The Golden Legs

Lili St. Cyr.

The Queen of Burlesque

Bettie Page

The Notorious Pin-up Girl

Marilyn Monroe

The Broken Doll

Dixie Evans

The Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque

Tempest Storm

The Beauty and the Bust

Sara Montiel


Jennie Lee

The Bazzom Girl

Irish Mc Calla

Sheena, Queen of the Jungle

Bunny Yeager

The Phototapher Pin-up

Mamie Van Doren

The importance of being Actress

Anita Ekberg

La Dolce Vita

Blaze Starr

The Hottest Blaze in Burlesque

Virgina Bell

Virginia 'Ding - Dong' Bell

Jayne Mansfield

Crash, Boom, Bang!

Candy Barr

A Gentle Mind Confused

Evelyn West

The Girl with the $50,000 Treasure Chest

Hedy Lamarr

Intelligence has a wonderful woman shape