Virginia Bell

Virginia Bell This beautiful woman of voluptous body, blonde hair and huge breasts was born in 1932 in California.

She was discovered by the photographer and cult film maker Russ Meyer who discovered Tempest Storm and another talented girls of big bosoms.

Early she became a Burlesque dancer and a model in some important "girlie" magazines as "Night and Day" or "Fling" which proclaimed her "The Definitive Flinggirl".

Moreover she became a "nudie" actress. She acted in "Bell, Bare and Beautiful" (1963) directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis, who became a famous director because of his "gore" films as for example "2000 Maniacs" (1964), and produced by David Friedman. Virginia's husband Eli Jackson hired them because he wanted to show her wife's wonderful body.

In 1964 she also acted in "Lullaby of Bareland" directed by Manuel Conde.

Her artistic impact still remains today almost forty years after.

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